July 17, 2024

What You Love Should Fill Your Life is the February 2023 Theme

In May’s Wit & Delight, we talked about developing your own sense of style. Since it is much simpler to investigate once you have really crystallised how you define your personal style, I chose this topic as February’s theme as a natural next step.

This month of February, we’ll be emphasising the importance of following one’s passions, both in general and in terms of design.
Recently, I’ve been coming back to this concept, recommitting myself to giving my undivided attention to the things I enjoy doing most. It influences my daily routine, the people I choose to hang out with, the possessions I decide to bring into my home, and a great many other things.

Who we are as individuals is strongly reflected in the things we value. Unlike the former, the latter can be determined relatively quickly, while the former is a lifelong quest.

What you appreciate in design goes beyond mere form and into the realm of function. It’s all about the little details, like size, weight, and texture. It refers to how a material holds up over time, specifically how simple it is to keep spotless and how obvious its age becomes. You can learn a lot about yourself from the things you find most attractive, and those preferences go far beyond the colours and patterns you prefer. This is why I believe it to be the primary criterion to use when selecting new household items. It’s also important to note that there is a price to pay for not operating in this way: carrying around a lot of unnecessary baggage that does nothing but slow you down and leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Of course

Of course, we can’t expect our entire houses to fill them with joy all the time. The furniture in our house will include both practical necessities and points of compromise among us. Not a problem. The core of this concept is the adoption of a new frame of mind, or perspective, from which all future design decisions can be made.

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What you appreciate in design isn’t just about form; it serves a purpose, too. This is why I believe it to be the primary criterion to use when selecting new household items.

The question this raises is, how can one tell if they have found their true love? Even though the solution appears simple, it is not always easy to identify, and knowing takes on different forms for different people. Throughout the month of February, I’ll be delving deeper into this answer. Whether it’s a decorative item, a fabric, or a set of glassware, if I love it, it’s not enough to merely admire it. My body naturally draws me toward it, and I find myself wanting to get very close to it to examine it more closely. There’s more to this physical allure than just casual curiosity.

Understanding your own preferences in design and making decisions based on those preferences is a surefire way to ensure your creations will last for years to come. Instead of grabbing the first thing that catches your eye, your furniture and decor will serve you for a much longer time if you can learn to trust and embrace the process of the hunt.

With this outlook, I pray you’ll be able to take greater pleasure in your favourite rooms at home. That you’ll be able to see more clearly what matters to you and let go with grace of what doesn’t.

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