April 21, 2024

Various media and academic groups regularly convene for meetings

iQualifyUK, an ICE, recently hosted a gathering in Islamabad for representatives from 25+ international universities and media groups. Twenty-five or more schools showcased their academic offerings to attendees from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Malaysia, Cyprus, Hungary, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. Over 300 students from various schools attended the event to speak with university representatives individually about their career and education options. In response to ICE’s educational framework, media representatives have expressed enthusiasm for collaborating for mutual benefit. When it comes to education, ICE is all about imparting skills. The combination of a solid skill set and a formal education is highly desirable because it serves to round out the individual’s professional profile.

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Ms. Sumbal (Head of Centre) gave a brief overview of ICE and iQualifyuk, noting that ICE is a HEC-approved institution that was founded by a British educational service provider. She stressed that our mission is to provide skill-based education with the goal of fostering entrepreneurship and job creation in Pakistan.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Ali Raza Nemati (Group Director HR, Marketing, and International Operations) emphasised the importance of providing individuals with access to a high-caliber international education and set of skills in order to foster a more educated and prosperous society. He expressed appreciation to the numerous schools and media outlets that had travelled great distances to be present.

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