May 25, 2024

Building and Modifying Your Brand’s Reputation Using Data From Social Media and Online Marketing

It can be difficult to build and alter your brand’s image, or even to shift your brand’s focus. Nowadays, businesses have more opportunities than ever to revitalise and refresh their brands with the help of social media and digital marketing. But it’s not easy to figure out how to use those instruments. Let’s take a look at the key KPIs you should be using in social media and digital marketing to build or alter your brand’s reputation.

The Importance of Establishing Credibility in Creating a Positive Brand Image

Establishing credibility in your brand is essential. Customers will have a more permanent impression of your company if they have faith in it.
What can you expect if your company is acquired or merged with another? It is crucial to know how to use the resources at your disposal to reestablish your brand following a merger or acquisition. One of our clients acquired another business last year, and since then they’ve been working hard to keep customers happy and build brand loyalty. Using their brand and social media, we assisted them in gaining credibility.

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A 2021 paper in the International Journal of Information Management analysed new studies and scholarly works to draw conclusions about the evolution of internet and social media use over the preceding decades. One of their main realisations was that customer involvement is directly correlated to trust. Keeping this in mind, let’s examine the metrics that will help you gauge and enhance customer engagement in order to bolster confidence in your brand.

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